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Cherry cradle Floor Mirror
Floor Mirror Floor Mirror

Handcrafted Cherry Cradle

A cradle provides your baby a cozy and secure place to sleep, dream, and grow during the first few weeks of life. A handcrafted heirloom- quality cradle can serve all of your children and then all of their children as you pass it down from one generation to the next.


Made of solid cherry, this cradle is built and finished to order. Traditional joinery including mortise and tenon, and dowels are used. There are no screws or metal fasteners.


The natural beauty of the cherry hardwood is protected by a hand applied and rubbed clear protective finish. Other finishes are available. One of the wonderful characteristics of cherry is that it darkens over time as it is exposed to light.


The cradle is three feet high by 18 inches wide and 37 inches long. It is built to order so allow 4 to 5 weeks for construction and delivery.


Because these heirloom-quality cradles are built to order, the dimensions, design, materials, and finish can be altered to meet your exact tastes and needs. In addition to cherry, walnut, mahogany and oak are all excellent hardwood choices. If you would like a painted or ebonized finish, poplar is a good choice.