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Images of Contemporary Decorative Box

Contemporary Box With Lid On
Contemporary Box With Lid

Contemporary Mitered Box

Handcrafted box with meticulously mitered corners made from three species of wood; maple, walnut, and the venerable douglass fir. The sharp corners and straight clean lines juxtapositioned with a sculpted lid handle and the contrasting wood tones add interest to any contemporary decor.


The box top and bottom are of frame and panel construction. The walnut lid top sits just proud of the frame with a small uniform gap between the maple and walnut. The walnut bottom panel sits flush with the maple box frame.


The walnut top and bottom of the box are hand rubbed with linseed oil to highlight its grain as is the douglass fir handle. All outside surfaces are protected with a hand rubbed varnish and wax.


The box is eight and one half inches long, five and one half inches inches wide, and two and one half inches tall.


Because these heirloom custom boxes are built to order, the style, design, dimensions, materials, and finish can be altered to meet your exact tastes and needs.